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Interesting….Google Energy: It’s Official — Seeking Alpha


Whew, the day is almost done for many in this part of the world. Whatever your situation…..keep your head up:)

Are you staying on course with a positive attitude today! It’s not easy but really works. Try it.

I’m checking out the firefox add on. This is sweet.

As part of our MBA consulting project in Marketing I was fortunate enough to develop a team that built a strategic marketing plan for a Series B, Venture Capital funded, medical device manufacturer. We created the 70 page document with lots of symptom research, interviews, and extensive research of the medical device industry. Fortunately, I was able to assist in structuring the formulation of a deal between the Manufacturer and a large Pharmaceutical company in Southern California. It is currently in the works and might actually proceed to full fruition.

Something new and exciting!

Just checking in very briefly! I’m excited, because I only have 4 days left to take my final class at Pepperdine University. If everything goes well- I will have a Master’s in Business Administration, with a dual emphasis in Finance & Marketing. YEAHHHH!!!

It’s been a long marathon and I can’t wait to just chill with the family and have fun. No more lugging multiple backpacks everywhere I go. I love school, but I’m very committed to whatever endeavor I take on so, I’ve been pretty busy over the last five years or so. Five years ago I decided to go back to school to pursue my degree. I got an AA, a Bachelor of Science in Management, and now a Master’s Degree in a total of five years. This was quite a challenge working full time on complex energy solutions for a fortune 500 corporation, and I also have three young kids. Well, now it’s time to celebrate!! I just wanted to drop in and share my excitement with you and let you know that I will be taking a vacation in a few short weeks to celebrate my son’s third birthday (the day after graduation) and my tenth wedding anniversary as well, all at the same time!

Life is GRAND:)

Clinton Smith
Happy Father, Engaged Husband,
Social Media Early Adopter,
all around Great Guy!!

Just checking in today!

I hope everyone is doing great. Thanks for reading my blog. It’s brand new, so I’ll wait for something really exciting to blog about! Stay Tuned “:*:”

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