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Something new and exciting!

Just checking in very briefly! I’m excited, because I only have 4 days left to take my final class at Pepperdine University. If everything goes well- I will have a Master’s in Business Administration, with a dual emphasis in Finance & Marketing. YEAHHHH!!!

It’s been a long marathon and I can’t wait to just chill with the family and have fun. No more lugging multiple backpacks everywhere I go. I love school, but I’m very committed to whatever endeavor I take on so, I’ve been pretty busy over the last five years or so. Five years ago I decided to go back to school to pursue my degree. I got an AA, a Bachelor of Science in Management, and now a Master’s Degree in a total of five years. This was quite a challenge working full time on complex energy solutions for a fortune 500 corporation, and I also have three young kids. Well, now it’s time to celebrate!! I just wanted to drop in and share my excitement with you and let you know that I will be taking a vacation in a few short weeks to celebrate my son’s third birthday (the day after graduation) and my tenth wedding anniversary as well, all at the same time!

Life is GRAND:)

Clinton Smith
Happy Father, Engaged Husband,
Social Media Early Adopter,
all around Great Guy!!


Just checking in today!

I hope everyone is doing great. Thanks for reading my blog. It’s brand new, so I’ll wait for something really exciting to blog about! Stay Tuned “:*:”

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